Why You Should Take A Staycation Vacation

Feeling tired?  A little like you just don’t want to go to work, get things done, move ahead with projects?  Or maybe you’re like I was a couple months ago, feeling upset over things that normally wouldn’t get to you, not wanting to talk to people, not as nice as usual.  I decided I needed some time to myself to recover, rejuvenate and reinvigorate.  So, last month I took a “staycation” where I had a week off from work but didn’t go out of town. It was nothing short of marvelous! When I told people at work I was taking a staycation, they asked what I planned to do and my standard response was: “Nothing!” I really needed time to re-charge. And we all need that time. Vacations out of town, away from home, in some beautiful, perhaps luxurious spot, are wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But at least once a year, probably more like twice, we all need to stop, relax, spend time on ourselves, and rejuvenate. And a full week at home gives you sufficient time to actually do that. It also gives you time to get out of the default rushing mode. I was very intentional about not scheduling too much during the day. Having just one thing to do each day made it so I could actually relax. So I told myself – you can have one major thing you do each day. Here’s the other key – make it so you can actually relax…alone! My daughter had her first week in school that week, so I was able to take her to school, not rush out, talk with a few people at school and still have the rest of the day to myself. What did I do? Whatever I felt like! I went to my dance classes, drove slower than I usually do, read a little, saw a movie, got a haircut, had a 3-hour lunch with a friend, and RELAXED. One day I even decided to let go of the “one thing” to do for the day. That was fun! It’s so nice not to rush around all the time, feel late and hurried, and get a few things done but realize and worry about the fact that there is so much left to do. When I returned to work the next week, I felt like I actually had time to myself to do what I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted. I could have used another week to tackle some home projects, of course. But that will happen another time – this was about honoring me, making time for true relaxation and recovery.

To any moms and dads who might read this, do this for YOU. Don’t let the time meant to be spent on you get eaten up by errands, cleaning, cooking, laundry, doing things for the kids. You’ll be a much more patient, loving, easy-going parent if you are able to carve out time to do just what you want to do for more than an hour or two. You deserve more than a couple hours here and there to recharge and reinvigorate. That certainly was my experience!


Nicole Hancock Husband is an attorney and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (“CPCC”). Nicole graduated from Howard University School of Law in 1996 with a Juris Doctorate and from Ohio State University in 1993 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, with a Finance/International Studies double major and Spanish minor.