Hello world!

And so it’s done.  Finally.  I’ve been talking about it forever and the time is here – I’ve got a blog.  A good friend of mine didn’t so much as suggest it as say, “I’m waiting for Nicole to get her blog going.”  And this in the presence of others – a challenge, another task, something else to put on my to do list . . . wait, no, it’s something I will enjoy!  I love to talk and write and this is a terrific way to put down all these thoughts I’m having so that others can read them at their leisure.  I could put an incredible amount of pressure on myself to make sure this inaugural blog (yes, I could have used the words “first blog” but that wouldn’t be as exciting!) is as engaging, interesting and perfect as possible.  But I’m too tired for that (been at work all day preparing for the class I’m teaching this summer), and more importantly, I have just one goal with today’s post:  to say why I’m doing it.  I’ve started taking classes on coaching with Coaches Training Institute (CTI for short) and I’m learning things about myself while training to become a life coach.  For some reason I feel compelled to share what I’m learning, thinking about, analyzing, etc. with my family and friends.  I hope that my musings will help and inspire others because I’m certain we face the same thoughts, joys, disappointments, fears, worries, etc. at various stages of our lives.  Hence, I decided to start this blog.  In fact, it’s part of why I decided to learn about coaching and become a coach – the desire to help people.

Before I sign off on this opening post, I just want to say a few words about why I named my blog as I did because there might be some misconceptions about it.  It may seem like it’s about winning, which is nice (don’t get me wrong – who doesn’t love winning?), but it’s not really about that.  My name – Nicole – can be translated in various languages to mean “victory.”  So part of this blog is about me claiming me, my true and authentic self by identifying and honoring my thoughts and desires . . . just for me.  Another part of this blog is about opening up to others with the hope that sharing my experiences and the learnings derived therefrom (a little legalese for ya!) will help, inspire, and motivate others.  I believe it is part of my calling.  There may be some “testimony” and what some might deem “witnessing.”  Hope that doesn’t scare you off!  There are quite a few references to victory in the Bible and I’ll use them as I can to demonstrate a point.  How about Psalms 60:12 for starters?  I’ll write more in the future about claiming victory over enemies, but for now let’s just concentrate on the “with God we will gain victory” part of that verse.  Do you believe it?  I sure do.


Nicole Hancock Husband is an attorney and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (“CPCC”). Nicole graduated from Howard University School of Law in 1996 with a Juris Doctorate and from Ohio State University in 1993 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, with a Finance/International Studies double major and Spanish minor.