Getting back into shape

Two words – it’s hard!  So I just did a great Zumba workout.  And it feels so good.  Don’t ask me how I feel tomorrow or the next day when my joints and muscles are screaming!  For now, it feels so good, so I’m going with that.  Anyhoo, I dared to look at myself in the mirror as I worked out.  As I tried to do the Zumba steps in time with the DVD, I should say.  I was able to see my “abs” (wouldn’t call them abs like they’re tight or enviable, they most certainly are not, but technically they are my abdominal “muscles”).  They look nothing like the abs on the people on the DVD.  No surprise there.  Did they ever???  But I will use the excuse of having a baby less than 4 months ago.  So to sum it up, as I worked out and watched the pros on the DVD and watched myself in the mirror, I thought – there are no real similarities here, just me looking crazy as I try to imitate them.  I could have given up and walked away.  I could decide not to do this workout again because I don’t look like I used to in the abs or the thighs, hips or buttocks (I used to look better, but not quite as good as the people in the DVD!).  I can’t seem to keep up with an aerobic workout the way I used to.  And truthfully, I’m not the great dancer I once thought I was, though it depends on the crowd.  (You know how that goes, right?  Certain crowds, you’re a great dancer and everyone is copying off you! And with other folks, you’re mediocre at best.) 

But walking away disappointed and frustrated at this hopefully temporary stage of my body would be the easy way out.  As easy as it would be to stop this Zumba thing and sit down with some cookies (love, love cookies), I’m more interested in getting back into shape and losing enough pounds to get at least close to my pre-pregnancy weight.  These workouts, the frustration of looking in the mirror, the disappointment with where I am now will be worth it in the end.  I want to wear some of my old clothes and feel normal again!  And if it means I have to look crazy, then so be it.  Maybe I just won’t look in the mirror as I work out – wise idea, if I do say so myself.  Does anyone think they look good doing this stuff?  And I certainly won’t go to a live Zumba class until I have these steps down.  Or at least close to “down.”  But when I do go, and I will, I plan to laugh at myself, enjoy it, and get in a good workout.  Who cares how I look if I’m having a good workout and enjoying myself?  That’s how I’ll get back into shape, not worrying about how I look, but just getting into the workout.  And if I have that determined, concentrated frown on my face that my husband says I have when I dance (let’s face it, I need to focus as I watch other people and copy off them!), then c’est la vie.  Like Bobby Brown says, “It’s my prerogative, I can do what I wanna do!”  It’s more fun that way anyway, letting go, going with the flow and just enjoying yourself.  The getting into shape part and the losing weight part will come more easily, don’t you think?  Let’s hope so.  Keep hope alive!  I’ll keep you posted . . .


Nicole Hancock Husband is an attorney and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (“CPCC”). Nicole graduated from Howard University School of Law in 1996 with a Juris Doctorate and from Ohio State University in 1993 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, with a Finance/International Studies double major and Spanish minor.