Coaching Philosophy

Consistent with the Co-Active Coaching Model taught by CTI, I believe that every person is “naturally creative, resourceful and whole” and I coach based on that premise. This means that you have the answers within and I am the guide who works with you to access them. The co-active coaching concept is one where the coach and client actively work together with curiosity, deep listening, intuition, nurturing, courage and conviction. We coach based on your whole life, even if there is one particular goal that you bring originally to the coaching process. My goal is to build a relationship of trust with you so I can listen to you, encourage you, and be right by your side as you take giant steps forward in your life.

I believe in telling the “hard truth” when necessary while still cheering you on, acknowledging your strengths, and believing in you. Importantly, I often thread spiritual and Biblical concepts into my coaching as a way to heighten the experience and to bring value to the coaching. One of the most important things I tell my clients at the beginning of our relationship is this: the coaching is about you; this is the one place where the focus is and should always be on you and your growth. It is your time to be completely engrossed with you and only you!